Win conditions

To complete the match, cars need to finish the whole track for 3 times.

1. After first three cars finish the third round, game will end directly.

2.Game will over immediately after player's car explodes.



When a round of game finished, system will enter generate panel autometicly.


1.This number means rank, in this game, only top 3 will get rank award, so only top three's name will appear on the panel.

2.This number is rank award, if player's name is on the list, then this number will appear. First place will be award 50 golds, second place is 30 golds, third one will earn 20 golds.

3. This figure is enemy killing award. Each enemy's price is 20 golds. In the example, there were 3 enemies get killed, so the award is 20*3=60 golds.

4.This is the total amount of golds that player won in this round.

5.This button will allow player call up option panel.


Slant mobile phone to select car style, then press start button to start game.
During game tile mobile phone from left to right to control car's forwarding direction.

Click first weapon icon to unfold the whole category.


1.Information panel

Informations about truck and bullets will be written here.

Click on the truck to reveal truck's information.

2.Health Point

Player's Health point bar. When attacked by other players or computer, hit by other car will lose 5 points. This value goes down, game will over if the value become zero. Different car has different max value.

3.trunk weapon

The first row of icons is trunk weapon, when selected, it will fire at the back of the racing car. Trunk weapons can only be used to attack enemy car that fall behind. 


Gasoline function will be open in later versition, visit our webstie check our update regular.

Back fire gun

Unlike other guns, this gun is setted in trunk, it will fire enemy fall behind, together with other weapons, it will easy become a deadly chain in a series weapon combo.


This will throw several caltrops on the ground, when car fall behind run over it, that car will be serious delayed. If the caltrop hit nothing it will disappear after 5 seconds.


This will throw out six gernades at same time. Each gernade will take 200 health points. When all six gernades all hit the target, small car will explode easily. Play an important role in combo attack.

Electric weapon

This weapon will leave the car in elctricity condition for 5 seconds, during the statue, health point will go down at 80 points per second.



A very powerful weapon, when throw out will make huge damage to enemy's car.

The first one called upgrated RPG, when started it will send out one cannonball which cause 200 Health point loose when hitted

Second one called Rhino-horn, they were set at both side of the racing car. When started they will send out 2 cannonballs at same time.

Third one is under-taker, will send one cannonball each time but with 4 balls loaded it can make a quick attack.

Fourth one is Sky-tearer, with 4 cannonball loaded, it can cause big damage with powerful attack!

Fifth one is armor-piercing Rocket, each time can send out only one bullet, but will take 800 health point, it's the strongest among all weapons.

5.six-wheel Gun

With big capacity, six-wheel gun has a great balance between speed and power.

The first one is combustion-6, it can shoot 5 bullets per second, bullet shell contains 480 bullets.

Second one named boxer-001, it will shoot out 8 bullet at same time, also with a 600 bullets container.

Third one called hydra scream, fire rate is 15 bullets/ second, also, a capacity with 800 bullets make this gun a dead weapon.

Fourth one is life reapper, fire rate is 15/ sec, with 1200 capacity, it can tear everything easily.

The last one is demon waker, with 20 bullets per second firerate and 1600 bullets capacity, it's really a dead weapon.


Gun can make fast attack.

The first named juar-claw, fire rate is 3 bullet per second, capacity is 300.

Second called rock ripper, compare to ther previous one, the fire rate is same but the capacity updated to 300, this one can make quiker attack.

Third one is earth tearer, 5 bullet per seconds accompany 500 big capacity make this weapon stand out

The fourth one is lighting maker, coamper with earth tearer, capacity was upgrated.

The last one is honey comber, 10 bullet per second with 1000 bullets, this one definetely become the king of the categery.


During game process, press this button can boost your car. Beside the icon, there is a green bar., it shows the gas value, without gas, car won't be able to accelerate. Gas can be filled at gas station in the game。

8. Brake

During driving, press this icon to slow down truck's speed, if hold on the icon, the car's speed will continue going down, hold it for several seconds, the car will start reverse.

9.Map & Scene

We provide different scenes to choose from, currently there are Desert and Snowfield two scenes.More are under developing, please check our website regularly to view latest update.

Player can choose scene at the begin scene of the game.

In car selection scene, there is a target sign in map slot. To enter scenes selection panel,just press the red button in the slot.A new panel will pop up in the middle of the screen.

The little triangle on both sides are used to switch scenes.

Touch and drag screen to rotate the scene, the scene can be rotate and viewed at 760°. This function provide a clear view of whole landscape.

Press confirm button at the bottom of the panel to finish selection.

If player didn't make any selection, system will start game with desert.



During the game, after press the top right corner, game will be paused and take a screen shot automaticly, at same time, there will be a panel pop up from the bottom of the screen, as showed in the picture, there are six kinds of social meida to choose from.

Each success share will bring player 20 free golds, everyday can get maxiumly 60 golds.

11.Game currency

This figure is game currency and can be get via two ways. When player finished a round of game, according to car's rank, player will be award various game currency at the end of game. Mark also can be purchased at in-game-store, it's an easier way to get mark. It's also a good way to encourage our work.

Press the red stop button to call option menue.