Rane once was a very responsible van driver, but a car accident left a big trauma to Rane's heart, since that he begun to live a misery life. Addict to alcohol and gamble, soon Rane got a huge debt he can never afford. He was pushed into the corner, has to signed a contract with Violence Motor Committee. Since that Rane start risk his life in racings with hail of bullets.
Get free or die on the track, it's your call.        

Key features
-Get tired of ruled racing game? Are you a great fan of FPS and TPS? Then Try Armored Racer. drive into a dangerous and action packed world. Race against threatens from other opponents and polices. Win gold to equip different powerful weapon.

- Fully opened terrain, no block, no limited track which will provide totally different game experience with most regular racing game. You can go wherever you want. But when you take the shortcut you will probably be attacked by helicopter or hidden landmines. It has risks, but worth a try.

- Various Deadly weapons will provide you a rich choice to beat your opponent. Different combo attack will cause extremely damage to your enemy. Repair station can recover car's health points, and Nitrogen station will fill booster's energy. More game plays await you to explore.  


-Support ios 5 and higher version(include ios8) this game will bring the most exciting shoot and racing experience to your palm.

-Need Iphone 4s and higher, Itouch 5, ipad 2 and higher.

- Game language: English and Chinese.

Frequent update

-New weapons, maps even storyline, we update our products regularly, keep eyes on our game or visit our website at

-Our game includes dozen weapons, cars, maps and game strategy, to understand our game better, please visit our website,

First time visit will get 300 gold for free.