1.Click this button to open in game store panel, you can purchase game item to improve your car's power.

2.weapon icon, touch icon to select weapon, there are five different catergerious, each catergery contains 6 weapons.

3. Wag mobile to select car, there are six different cars to choose from.

4. This button will boost your car's speed, tap it once then the car will boost for 10 seconds.

5. This is brake button, when this button was slow down your car's speed, hold the button, car will start reverse.

6. When every setting was finished, tap start button to start game.

7.Pause button, during game, tap this button to call option panel, and game will pause when option panel is on.

Purchase panel

1.This fuction allow you use 0.99 dollar change 1000 golds. Click the green "buy" to finish the transaction.

2.This slot allow you buy 10000 golds with 5.99 dollars.Click the green "buy" to finish the transaction.

3.This slot is for bullet clip number, just put in the number you want to purchase.

4.This slot's number is fixed. Take an example, *10 means this kind of bullet clip each one contains 10 bullets, when using this, tap the weapon first, different weapon's clip has different size, then put in how many clips you want to purchase.when finish tap the green Buy on the right side to finish trasaction.

4.This shows bullets clips' total cost. Click the green "buy" to finish the transaction.

Option panel

1.Tap restart button to restart this round of game, without reselected car or weapon.

2.Click this button to see information about our company and this game, surprise awaits!

3.This button allow you change game's language, current support English and Chinese.

4. Finish setting and back to game.

5.Quit game.

2.Stratergy and game play


In the game there are six different cars wich can be divided into two catergerious.

1) Car with low health point always has high speed, in this situation, drive along the safe road is a best way, win other cars with high speed

2)Heavy trucks, such as metal fortress got massive defence which can help them survie firece attack and bomb, but the low speed is a disadvantage, in this case, use shortcut or destroy other car is a nice way.

During games, player can make stratergies according different situations, here are several examples.


1> Throw caltrops onto ground, when the car fall behind hit the caltrop, it will not be able to move in 10 seconds, then you can use grenade to attack the car.

2>If the car fall behind has low health point, you can throw caltrops block the safe path drive the car onto the dangerous path

3>Car with high health point won't run at a high speed, so throw caltrops to make the car stop for a while will help player win some time.